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    Christian Culture - Couples
    Christian Culture - Couples
    Christian Culture - Couples
    Christian Culture - Couples

    Christian Culture - Couples

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    A deck of cards to spark meaningful discussions that bring couples closer to each other and to God.

    This deck will help you explore some of the marriages described in the Bible. In the process, you’ll discuss topics that affect relationships and individuals every day: date nights, communication, intimacy, waiting seasons, even financial planning.

    Whether you’ve just met or have been together for decades, whether you’re engaged, newly married, or celebrating your fiftieth anniversary, you’ll find something here that will help you learn about your partner.

    The deck has 4 categories (icebreakers, couple topics, interpretations and stories) and includes 103 fun and thought-provoking conversation starters like these:

    • What has been your favorite date night experience so far? Do we do a good job prioritizing date nights? (Icebreakers) 
    • The Bible encourages us to let go of our anger before the sun goes down (Ephesians 4:26). How do we avoid going to bed angry with each other? (Couple Topics)
    • Who in the Bible would you refer to as “couple goals”? (Interpretations)
    • Sometimes life put us on hold and leaves us waiting. We see multiple couples in the Bible experience these painful waits, such as Abraham and Sarah. How can you cultivate patience when you are waiting on God? (Stories)

    The Story: When we released Christian Culture in 2020, we hoped it would inspire people to get to know God better and remind people that God loves us (regardless of what life throws at us) and wants us to be kind to ourselves and each other.

    This deck aspires to do the same for couples. Sharing your life with someone can be wonderful, but there will be tough times. God’s desire for marriage is clear: We are to submit to each other out of reverence for Christ. We are to love and respect each other. We are to put God first in our lives and in our relationship. We are to show love to others. We hope this deck helps you spend some quality time with your partner, other couples, and God.

    This deck has 4 categories:

    • Icebreakers (Blue) – Quick and fun prompts to start the ideas flowing (couple only)
    • Couple Topics (Red) – Thought-provoking relationship conversations (couple only)
    • Interpretations (Green) – Discussions of Scripture (couples or groups)
    • Stories (Yellow) – Touching conversations about people’s lives and experiences (couples or groups)

    Icebreakers and Couple Topics are intended for partners to use when they’re alone together; Interpretations and Stories are for group settings such as get-togethers, marriage retreats or church groups.

    10% of net proceeds will go toward educational and community development initiatives in under-served communities.

    Ages 18 and up.

    2 or more people.


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