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    Christian Culture - Singles
    Christian Culture - Singles
    Christian Culture - Singles
    Christian Culture - Singles

    Christian Culture - Singles

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    A deck of cards to spark meaningful discussions between singles about the beauty and challenges that can be part of single life.

    We hope this deck helps you explore how to make the most of your single season as well as spend some quality time with yourself, your friends and God.

    The deck has 4 categories (icebreakers, dating topics, interpretations and stories) and includes 73 fun and thought-provoking conversation starters like these:

    • If you created a music album about your life, what would the title be? (Icebreakers) 
    • How do you feel about dating apps? Are they effective for Christian singles? What should you look out for when using these apps? (Dating Topics)
    • Jesus’s longest recorded conversation was with the Samaritan woman, who had been married five times (John 4:7–26). What does this story teach us about Jesus’s understanding of our desires for love/purpose and where we can be fully filled? (Interpretations)
    • How is your heart? How do you guard it? (Stories)

    The Story: When we released Christian Culture in 2020, we hoped it would inspire people to get to know God better and remind people that God loves us (regardless of what life throws at us) and wants us to be kind to ourselves and each other.

    This deck aspires to do the same for singles. Singleness can be challenging, even when it’s chosen, but it also offers more time to spend with and for God. A waiting season can be frustrating but God is the author of time, is never late, and has amazing plans for you. God promises that all things will work out for your good. If the lilies are dressed in beauty and splendor, how much more will God clothe you?

    We hope this deck inspires you to get to know God better. We hope you always remember to be kind to yourself and others. Most importantly, we hope you never forget how much God loves you.

    This deck has 4 categories:

    • Icebreakers (Blue) – Quick and fun prompts to start the ideas flowing
    • Dating Topics (Red) – Thought-provoking conversations about dating
    • Interpretations (Green) – Discussions of Scripture 
    • Stories (Yellow) – Touching conversations about people’s lives and experiences

    This deck can be used by two or more people. They are also great for group settings such as get-togethers, singles retreats or church groups. Please note that some of the questions might be difficult for those who are widowed or are in the healing stages of a divorce. Those who have chosen to be single for now or have a calling to remain single may prefer to skip the dating topics (red cards).

    10% of net proceeds from this game will go toward educational and community development initiatives in under-served communities.

    Ages 16 and up.

    2 or more players.


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