Game Updates

"How Nigerian Are You?" Game

1) If you received your game prior to May 23rd, 2018, there was a printing error on card 194, "Somebody Call My Name." Please feel free to white out the year 2011 on the card. The question should read ‘His song "Somebody Call My Name" was a major success.’

2) The answer to Question 57, which reads "This Middle Belt state is approximately in the centre of the country"  has been debated multiple times. The answer provided in the game is "Plateau State" which is accurate as the question states "approximately"  and also asks for a "State." We do however realize that FCT is in the centre of the country (but FCT is not a state, it is a territory.)

3) Question 173 : 'Dream Team' is also an acceptable answer. 


"You Know You Are African When..." Game

    There are currently no updates to this game.


    "Jollof Wars" Game

    All pre-orders will be shipped out on August 15th 2019 if KultureGames reaches a 200 minimum order quantity (MOQ) by May 31st. Full Refunds will be issued on June 3rd if MOQ isn’t reached.