KG GiveBack

“Every man deserves a turn, every child deserves to learn”- Damian Marley.

We as a community have a responsibility to create opportunities to leave a substantial impact on our future generation by equipping them with basic human necessities like education.

A % of KultureGames revenue goes toward educational and community development initiatives in the countries we celebrate in our games.

In September 2018, we launched the #LaughingForLiteracy initiative; for each game purchased, a book will be gifted to a child in an underserved African community. We are #LaughingForLiteracy (1 Game = 1 Book Gifted) thanks to YOU!!

**Next book & scholarship donations - Summer 2019


What have we done so far?

Give Back Timeframes



Summer 2018

> 10 Full year scholarships provided to 10 children in Gwaglawada Abuja, Nigeria

> 50 literacy books provided to kids in under-served communities in Ogun State, Nigeria

>The PCG Foundation


>Kiyeseni Foundation

December 2018


> 300+ literacy books provided to kids in under-served communities in Ghana and Nigeria.


>Slum2School Africa

>Book Drop Ghana

>Rohef NGO

>Heritage Orphanage


April 2019

> 100 literacy books, 200+ exercise books & 200+ pencils (Enugu, NG)

> 50 literacy books (Ekiti, NG)

>Enyi Foundation

>Kiyeseni Foundation

Summer 2019



December 2019



If you are a non-profit focused on educational or community development initiatives and you believe that any of our games tie in with your mission, please reach out to us @, we would love to partner with you.